A Digital Detox – GearMe’s 5 top tips

A digital detox

A digital detox can be difficult in todays world since work and social environments require us to be ‘available’ at all times. As much as social media connects and has several advantages, it also has the downside of making us feel lonely and disconnected with ourselves.

We all know what it is like to be connected all the time. Whilst it is manageable for some, it is stressful to others.
We are seeking more authentic experiences and are chasing the feeling of connecting with nature and ourselves.

Many people’s biggest fear about doing a digital detox is that others won’t be able to reach them. If you’re ready to take the leap to a whole day or weekend of unplugging then make sure to tell family, friends and colleagues that you’ll be going off line – and use technology to do so.

At GearMe, we have spoken to individuals who told us that every day adventures and short getaways are the best way to disconnect and fuel your passion for more.

Here are our top 5 tips to get back some time for yourself and satisfy your desire for adventure.

  1. Head out for that early morning walk or run and be with YOURSELF. No podcast, music or phone to keep you company. It can be strange at the beginning as you are ‘forced’ to spend time with no one but yourself. This is one of the best things you will do to start your day right and get creative.
  2. Take 10 minutes during the day to close your eyes and take your mind to one of your favourite places. Have active time away from the screen and schedule it in advance.
  3. Get in the water to kayak, paddle board or swim – no need to take the newest waterproof iPhone with you. Take a memory selfie instead #yourself.
  4. A camping trip with friends or your loved one. See one of those remote places with no or limited reception. There’s so much joy in the simplicity of camping and sharing those marshmallows around the fire at night.
  5. Do something for the first time. Whether that’s snorkelling, painting or canyoning. It’s about taking the mind on a new journey.

What are some of your habits or tools to help you connect with you? Let us know in the comments section!


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