5 Great Adventure Races in Amazing Places

Have you ever thought about taking part in some crazy adventure races? Fancied challenging yourself in some adventure that you know your family and friends will look at you and ask, “are you mad!”? Well, if you answered yes you are just like us! At GearMe we love challenging ourselves and hearing about all those cool events out there! But where do you start? There are so many amazing adventure races out there that both challenge you and take you to stunning locations, we thought we’d tell you about 5 of our favourites across the world.  Have you competed in any of these events? If so, we’d love to hear your stories!

So grab a coffee and sit back for a few minutes and dream of that next adventure!


1.Ultra-Trail Australia

We thought we’d start with one here at home and one very close to GearMe’s hearts. The Ultra-Trail Australia in the Blue Mountains.  Thousands of adventurers descend on the stunning Blue Mountains to tackle all the thrills and challenges the mountains have to offer.  It kicks off with the 22km race on the Friday, dubbed the “toughest half-marathon” in Australia.  Then it is time for the main events on Saturday, the 50km and 100km races.  Kicking off at 6am on Saturday morning runners pass through the best of what the Blue Mountains has to offer, climbing up and down the mountains.

Over the 100km race, runners cover close to 4,000m of elevation and unless you are one of the elites you’ll be running well into the night or through to the next day. So don’t forget to charge those head-torch batteries!  It’s a test of endurance, resilience and mental strength.  However the atmosphere around the event is second to none and despite your initial cries of “never again” you’ll be back again the following year.



2.Molokai to Oahu

So you’ve run a marathon, how about padding a marathon (plus another 10km)? The Molokai to Oahu race is one of the most challenging paddling races in the world. It covers 52km across the Ka’iwi Channel from Molokai to Oahu in Hawaii.  You’ll feel the spirit of the early Polynesian navigators as you jump on your paddleboard and take on this tough adventure over a 2,300 foot deep channel. This race isn’t for the faint hearted but a great way to connect with the ocean and an excuse to visit the beautiful islands of Hawaii.



3.Patagonian Expedition Race

Looking for a multi-day event that has a bit of everything? Gather a team of four and head to southern Chile to take part in the Patagonian Expedition Race.  This is more a challenge in survival as competitors take on changing climates in some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.  Competitors take between 6-9 days to navigate the diverse terrain by means of trekking, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking and backcountry navigation.

Every version of the event features a unique route making this one of the most incredible adventure races out there.  You’ll find yourself amongst competitors from all over the world all sharing the love of adventure and exploring the world that we live in.  What better way of challenging yourself in a team environment than in one of the most spectacular and untouched places in the world.



4.Marathon des Sables

Searching for the toughest footrace on Earth? The Marathon des Sables is your event. It is a gruelling multi-stage event in Morocco through the Sahara desert that will push you to your limits. Just to make it harder you have to be completely self-sufficient and carry all your food and equipment on your back. Therefore make sure you pack light and get some advise from past competitors! The MdS is a 250km long race and tackled over 6 days. You’ll be running on endless sand dunes, rocks and white-hot sand plains.

Watch out for day 4, an 80km leg where you set across a barren wilderness to complete the toughest stage. Don’t expect to finish before dark! This is definitely one of the top adventure races in the world.


5.Kathmandu Coast to Coast NZ

Fancy doing a multisport adventure race in a breathtaking location? Then this is the event for you! The Coast to Coast NZ is one of the oldest multisport events in the world, located on the South Island of New Zealand. The 243km course starts on the west coast, at Kumara Beach and finishes on the east coast, passing through the spectacular landscape of New Zealand.  There are two options for competitors. What is dubbed as “The Longest Day” where competitors complete the course in 1 day or the 2 day option with an overnight camp.

The event has been described as “raw” and a right of passage for multisport adventures. The race starts off with a 3km run. Then you jump on your bike and take on the 55km cycle to the foothills of the Southern Alps. Then the fun starts! Slip on your runners again and you are greeted with a 30.5km mountain run largely off trail. Be prepared to get your feet wet! You’ll be crossing a number of rivers as you traverse through the trail. Then it’s time for a short 15km cycle before encountering the Waimakariri River and a 70km kayak. It’s an absolute highlight of the course! The race is then rounded off by a 70km cycle to the finish at the New Brighton Pier.

As far as adventure races go this is one to put on that bucket list!




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