How much money could you earn from your sports and adventure gear?

The sharing economy or collaborative economy continues to boom and has become such a big part of our lives without us even realising it. We book our next accommodation through Airbnb, we jump into strangers’ cars through Uber, we hire out our neighbour’s storage space and even use it to find pet sitters. Our generation are really embracing the benefits it has to offer. Estimates show that about 1 in 5 Australians earn money through the sharing economy with the average income from sharing platforms about $7,300 per year from these side jobs.  This is a massive shift from only a few years ago and we are seeing more and more different industries taking root in this space, this will only continue to grow.


To us sharing quality sports and adventure gear just makes sense, not everyone has the space or inclination to own all the sports gear they may want.  You may own one or two items but that shouldn’t limit you to trying out new or different activities.


If you are like us you probably have some gear lying around in storage that you may have used a lot once, bought because well it’s pretty cool gear or fancied trying out that activity and didn’t have an alternative apart from buying the gear.  Our research shows that 3M Australian households own some type of sports and adventure gear.  There are a lot of different reasons why you may have some sports and adventure gear lying around and maybe you’ve thought about selling it but just can’t quite bring yourself to get rid of it.


Why not make a bit of money from your gear whilst it is sitting idle and help someone else experience an awesome adventure? Here at GearMe HQ we have crunched the numbers to see what you could make from your cool gear and we were pretty surprised by the outcomes and wanted to share with you all!


Do you have a surf board or two in the garage? You could easily hire it out for $30 a day when you are not using it. How about some golf clubs that you use once a month? Well, if you hired them out for $25 a day you could earn $100 per month by just making them available for a couple of weekends a month, that’s $1,200 over the year.  There’s plenty of other gear you may have sat idle in storage that could help supplement your income.  I guess our point is it’s amazing how quickly and easily you can make some decent additional money from your gear without doing anything. Your gear can make you money whilst you are at work, on the beach or even sleeping.


There are loads of different reasons why you may decide to hire out your gear. You may want a little extra cash to start saving towards your next trip, you may want to build up some savings to upgrade to the latest model or you may just love sharing and like the idea of meeting and connecting with new people.  Whatever your motivation why not give it a go, on GearMe it is free to list and you can choose when and to whom you rent out your gear.


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